Friday, October 28, 2011


fufufu i'm bored.

i have autumn holiday and i haven't done anything. expect that we had pre-christmas party with halloween theme last weekend = we ate cookies and pumpkin pie & watched some random horror movie in halloween/christmas decorated house. :D

www i love christmas cookies ♥ as for that pumpkin pie... it was edible. i only ate one piece and didn't want more. XD ...the dough was good though.

"what's for dinner tonight? i wanna pumpkin!" ♪ anyway, that's our backyard atm. expect that mom put some random pink blanket on those pumpkins. :D

artsu and my feet, yayy \o/

caramel cheese cake with raspberries~ ♥ i think this was mom's birthday cake... so this pic is pretty old. from september.

...and another cake. :______D decorations are horrible but it tasted good. *-* it was some kind of spiced cake, there was much cinnamon in it and some other flavourings that i can't remember anymore.

baked cheese cake in a restaurant ♥
...okay, no more food pics. i actually didn't even take a photo of the okonomiyaki we cooked yesterday so i couldn't even put pic of it, haha.'s not food.

okay bye, and sorry for this super random entry but i'm bored because some other people wake up too late in holidays and i don't know what to do in mornings. u__u

...don't ask why i wrote in english, i don't know myself. :_____D

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